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Region 6 – Central Area

Micromouse Maze

See the Micromouse 2016 Contest Report prepared by Tom Tarter.

The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the Electronics Packaging Society (EPS) sponsors a $500 prize for the best-packaged MicroMouse in the Central Area competition. Now in its thirteenth year, the purpose is to call to the attention of MicroMouse design teams many other aspects of good design practice, such as power consumption (Design for Environment), thermal dissipation (thermal design and analysis), size and weight (industrial design), audible noise (environmental impact), EMI/RFI (electromagnetic compatibility), reliability and quality, and aesthetics and appearance (human factors). In addition, good manufacturing practice depends on a fully specified design, including a Bill of Materials.
The SCV EPS Chapter encourages each team of students entering the MicroMouse contest to download the following two documents and to consider them during your design and implementation. We would be honored to make the 2020 “Best Packaging Prize” award to your team!

Please download and circulate these two documents:

Best-Packaged MicroMouse Selection Criteria and Competition Guidelines
Best Packaged MicroMouse Entry Form

Examples of Micromice:

Jerry da Mouse Logic Breakers UniCornix Wolfie Gray Machine Green Machine

For additional information, please contact our past Micromouse judge Tom Tarter.