Ohlone Engineering: EFUS

The Ohlone Engineering for Female and Underrepresented Students (EFUS) Project at Ohlone College supports students interested in developing engineering solutions that solve humanitarian needs around the world and the United States. The EFUS project aims to provide an opportunity for female students to recognize the “nurturing” aspects of engineering.

The EFUS project, embedded into the Introduction to Engineering Course, was first implemented in the Spring Semester of 2014 with restricted funding from our IEEE-EPS/SCV Chapter donated through the Ohlone College Foundation.

Rose Itua Students in the class, led by Prof. Rose-Margaret Itua (right), took leadership roles in their teams and contributed to identifying humanitarian needs in the world and formulating probable solutions. They identified and discussed needs they or a family member or friend were experiencing/had experienced. The students evaluated and identified appropriate technologies that could be used to solve those humanitarian problems. At the end of the course, students reported that: (1) the EFUS project had motivated them to stay on course with their Engineering Education and Careers, (2) female saw how they could change the world positively through Engineering, and (3) those who were undecided about Engineering as a career at the beginning of the semester, showed a higher level of commitment a Engineering Education; 80% of the female students took summer math classes.