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High Performance and Reliable Aerosol Jet Printed 3D Interconnects for Bare Die and Components 🗓

(Bryan Germann) -- flex, wearable, power, signal, bandwidth, performance, implementation, production, examples ...

Speaker: Bryan Germann, Optomec
Meeting Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021
Time: Checkin via WebEx at 11:50 AM; Presentation at 12:00 noon (PST)
Cost: none
Summary: Flexible and wearable electronics have a wide range of applicability. Achieving flexibility on substrates like PET OR Polyimide sheet is straightforward and can be accomplished with many different printing techniques for high volume manufacturing processes. However, once unpackaged die or components are introduced to minimize size/weight of final devices and maintain flexibility things become more difficult. Traditional means for interconnecting die & components such as wire bonding are not able to be used as these de-packaged components have extremely small bond pads and the circuitry it’s being interconnected to is not conducive to wire bonding. As a result, a new method of interconnection is required to create robust signal and power connections for the die to the circuitry around it. Aerosol Jet is a unique printed electronics technology which is able to create conductive printed 3D interconnects. These conformal electronic traces transfer signal and power into and out of the die similar to wire bonds but with lower profiles and the ability to interconnect to other printed circuitry. Several real-world examples will be showcased along with reliability and signal performance, especially when signal frequencies climb over 40 GHz along with production-oriented equipment to deliver the solution to market.
Bio: Bryan Germann is product manager for the Aerosol Jet Product line, including machine platforms, print engine products, and digital products. He is also managing strategic customer projects centered around volume production applications for Aerosol Jet technology. Bryan joined Optomec in mid-2017; previously he worked for GE Power. He successfully integrated Optomec’s Aerosol Jet technology into production work cells for printing high-temperature ceramic sensors on heavy-duty gas turbine blades. His background in materials, process and Optomec’s core technology enables him to work on high volume, production applications for Aerosol Jet. Bryan currently holds 13 published patents. He also holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of South Carolina.

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