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Flat-panel Display Systems with Mass-transferred MicroLEDs and MicroICs 🗓

(Chris Bower) -- vivid, bright, fast, power-efficient, mass transfer technologies, transfer-printing ...

Speaker: Christopher (Chris) Bower, Chief Technology Officer, X Display Company
Download PDFSlides: January 14, 2021
Meeting Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021
Summary: Flat-panel displays that use direct light emission from microscale LEDs have the potential to be vivid, bright, fast and power-efficient. High-throughput mass transfer technologies that accurately and cost-effectively integrate large arrays of wafer-fabricated microscale LEDs onto non-native display substrates with high yield are key enablers for microLED displays. Transfer-printing with elastomer stamps is a candidate mass transfer technology for making next generation displays. A variety of large-format systems, including displays driven by transfer-printed microICs, have been designed and fabricated using transfer-printed microscale microLEDs.
Bio: Dr. Christopher (Chris) A. Bower is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of X Display Company (XDC). Before joining XDC, he was the Chief Technology Officer at X-Celeprint Limited, a company founded to develop and commercialize advanced micro assembly technologies. He was formerly a Technical Manager at Semprius, Inc., where he led the team responsible for micro-transfer-printing and wafer-level-packaging of advanced microscale solar cells. His experience includes three years of research and development on three-dimensionally integrated circuits at RTI International and four years of research on nanotechnology and photonics devices at Bell Labs and InPlane Photonics, Inc. Chris received a Ph.D. degree in physics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in 2000, where his graduate studies focused on the synthesis and novel properties of carbon nanotubes. His interests include three-dimensional integration of integrated circuits, heterogeneous integration of compound semiconductors onto non-native substrates and the fabrication of low-cost, large-format electronics using novel assembly methods. He is author on over one hundred and twenty scientific publications and has filed over one hundred and fifty patents.

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