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Packaging of Electronics for Medical, Health and Wearables Applications 🗓

-- (Mark Poliks) heterogeneous integration, advance packaging, new materials, assembly technologies, forecasts ...

Speaker: Dr. Mark D. Poliks, Binghamton University
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Meeting Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM (PDT)
Cost: none
Download HIR Chapter 4 for review: “Medical, Health and Wearables” (2 MB PDF)
Summary: There is increasing interest in wireless medical and health monitoring. The adoption and continued innovation in flexible hybrid electronics is expected to drive this industry in the years to come — greater functionality in thinner and smaller spaces for both medical-grade and consumer-grade-based health monitors, as well as implantable and other medical devices. While traditional medical electronics may remain conservative in design, the adoption of flexible hybrid electronics for wearables that significantly advance packaging and assembly technologies are in the early stages. The integration of a variety of components and die (including thinned and unpackaged processors, memory, sensors, MEMS, RF, optical, power sources, etc.), together with printed circuits on thin flexible substrates, will create the next generation of wearable medical systems. Many new materials, assembly methods and applications are now demonstrated in the literature.
This presentation will describe these technologies including the target applications, the materials, deposition methods, components, device integration and reliability. It will discuss trends and challenges expected in the coming years.

Bio: (name) Mark Poliks is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing at Binghamton University. His research includes: high performance electronics packaging, flexible hybrid electronics, medical and industrial sensors, printed RF components, materials, processing, aerosol jet printing, roll-to-roll manufacturing, in-line quality control and reliability of electronics. He is the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research. He leads the New York State Node of the DoD NextFlex Manufacturing USA. He was named a 2017 NextFlex Fellow. He received FLEXI awards for leadership in Technology and Education from the FlexTech Alliance in 2009 and 2019. He has authored over one-hundred technical papers and holds forty-eight US patents. He was the General Chair of the 69th IEEE ECTC.

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