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Design and Materials Challenges for Cost-effective High-performance LEDs 🗓

(TY Hin) -- solid state lighting, design, materials, processes, challenges, innovative approaches ...

Cosponsor: EPS Malaysia Chapter
Speaker: Tze (TY) Hin, PhD, Director of Packaging, Technology Research & Development, LUMILEDS
Meeting Date: Thursday, October 15, 2020
Time: 12:00 Noon (PDT)
Cost: none
Location: On the Internet (via WebEx)
Summary: The rapid development of solid state lighting applications is driving the need for innovative approaches in LED packaging. While the majority of high-power emitters are still using conventional packaging methods, there are next-generation LED technologies and applications that requires integration of existing approaches with IC packaging knowhow. The LED industry is also driving low-cost solutions to the design, materials and processes in order to be market-competitive due to the emergence of LED suppliers in Asia, particularly in China. This talk will discuss the challenges in the LED integration structure from die to package, package to board and system, focusing in identifying challenges that need to be overcome in optical design, materials, and manufacturing processes. Comparison of similarities and opportunities in both LED and IC packaging will be discussed.

Bio: Tze Yang Hin has 20 years of packaging development experience. He is currently managing LED packaging development activities atLUMILEDS. He has authored and co-authored over 20 technical papers and patent filings in the area of electronics packaging. His current research interest is next-generation mini/micro LED packaging and low-cost packaging innovation.

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