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IEEE California Public Policy & Government Activities

Engineering and technology professionals tend to be one of the most under-represented groups in the public policy space. You are cordially invited to engage with this initiative and join the cause. Specifically, if you have existing connections with elected officials, or can commit to a few hours a month.


IEEE member value and representation for our 40,000 members in California in addition to the larger community. These are our tax dollars, and it is up to us to help determine where it should best be allocated.


Enable policies that support the engineering & technology profession, jobs & careers, STEM education, economic development, global competitiveness, and innovation. Facilitate access to funds and resources including SBIR, ARRA, agencies and foundations.


Weighing in on public policy issues involving technology, innovation, engineering & globalization – at the national, state & local government levels. Specifically by leveraging our members, IEEE-USA, and relationships with partner organizations.
1. Communication – With our members in California on public policies that impact us.
2. Education – Of our members and elected officials on issues pertaining to technology, workforce, and education.
3. Engagement – With Elected representatives. “All Politics is Local”. Regular contact with local reps.


There has been more significant legislation at the state government level, requiring this state level effort in addition to IEEE-USA’s federal initiatives. Over the last several years we have been working with the California Governor’s office, CA state senators and US Congressmen. Some of our members already work closely with their local elected officials – it is a matter of consolidating our collective networks.


This sub-group would comprise educators and industry leaders. The idea is to provide consistent input and credible advice to elected officials in California at the federal, state and local levels.


CHAIRMAN: R Sampath – IEEE California Public Policy; Quanta Consulting, Inc.
Abdi Ahmed – IEEE-OC Corp Relations; NetServe Systems, Inc.
Dr. Vasudeva Atluri – Chairman, IEEE Region 6 Govt Activities
David Aviv – IEEE LAC
Dr. Don V. Black – IEEE-OC Computer Society
Dr. Leonard Bond – 2010 R6 Director IEEE
Gora Datta – IEEE-OC Govt Activities; Cal2Cal
Paul Donahue – IEEE-OC; Sierra Wave Ecosystems
Greg Griffes – Past Chair, IEEE Coastal Los Angeles Section
Larry Hamerman – IEEE San Diego
Evelyn Hirt – 2010 IEEE-USA President
John Jansen – Eaton
Dr. George Konstantinow – IEEE Los Angeles Council Chair
Dr. Russ Lefevre – IEEE-USA Past President
Dr. SK Ramesh – IEEE EAB, Dean of Engineering, CSUN
Naveen Reddy – IEEE-OC CTO; ComSig OC Chair
Galib Samdani – Intel
Art Sutton – IEEE-LAC
Dr. Suresh Vadhva – IEEE Sacramento
Dr. Shireesh Verma – IEEE-OC Engineers-in-Transition; Conexant


R Sampath ~ rsampath(at) ~ 323-908-4306
Chairman, IEEE Public Policy & Government Activities – California.
The IEEE California Public Policy & Govt Activities Committee is an ad hoc committee under IEEE Region 6 Govt Activities. More information on Federal IEEE-USA Government Activities & Public Policy is available at


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