e-lynx.org Event Calendar

The IEEE e-lynx.org events calendar, found at www.e-lynx.org, gives you online notice of all IEEE related events happening in Southern California as well as professional development webinars of interest.  Sign up and you will be among the 7500 engineers, scientists, and academics in Southern California who receive emailed notices twice-monthly showing all of the events listed on the e-lynx.org site.  Recipients include all IEEE members in the Orange County and Inland Empire sections as well as others who have joined the list from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.

You can promote your event or service by making it more visible with a banner advertisement. Here is what UCI’s Division of Continuing Education Marketing Program Manager Stephanie Fix said in mid-2019 about their success with an e-lynx.org ad:

“Since January, 2019, UCI Division of Continuing Education has generated over 40 additional enrollments due to our ad in the e-Lynx newsletter. Advertising to the IEEE OC Chapter has been very successful in generating visibility, awareness, and revenue for our engineering programs. I highly recommend advertising in e-Lynx to reach a highly specialized technical audience.”

To join the list go to https://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=e-lynx&A=1.

For advertising-related inquiries contact Nick Massetti, IEEE OC Section Communications Director at nick@nmassetticonsulting.com