Engineers-In-Transition (EIT)

With the current unemployment rate at 9.5% and the ever-continuing job loses at an incessant pace, it has never been more pertinent to organize a community effort to help mollify the affected. IEEE’s Orange County Chapter has chartered a committee called Engineers-In-Transition. The committee has identified multitude of areas where help could be offered.

An employment survey was administered to understand the affected demographics and their background. This allowed steering of appropriate programs and efforts. This has allowed tailoring of programs or workshops enabling participating jobseekers to seek employment in areas beyond their current expertise with reasonable training.

A job fair was being organized co-located with the International SoC Conference, 2009. A Resume /Jobseeker Resource Workshop was held on May 7, 2010 in collaboration with One Stop of Orange County. Such events will continue to be organized periodically.

There are several government programs, which provision for reimbursement of the cost of such training to the unemployed as well as to the employers, which incur any such cost on their employees in order to retain them. Seminars will be conducted to educate people on the eligibility criteria as well as the reimbursement process so that they can avail of it.

The committee also works in tandem with the IEEE’s Orange County Entrepreneurial Network (OCEN) to create employment opportunities as part of the ventures taken up by the network.

The committee is chaired by Dr. Shireesh Verma and consists of the following members.

Farhad Mafie
R. Sampath
Russell Hunter
John B Gibson
Rich M Gallaher
Alvin Joseph

Membership of the IEEE is not mandatory in order to participate. Please contact shireesh@ieee.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.