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Fourth Annual Symposium on Heterogeneous Integration 🗓

-- future packaging for mobile, HPC, automotive, 5G, health, Chiplets, work on 2021 Roadmap ...

Date: Wednesday, 24-26 February 2021
Cost: none
Location: On the Internet (via Zoom)

The IEEE’s Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap is 600+ pages of details across all areas of advanced packaging, covering pre-competitive information for industry, working engineers, and academia. It is intended to guide product development over the next decade, with projections out through 2034.

Videos are now available to view on-demand: Select those you wish to access.

View Webinar “HIR 2020 Retrospective”, (32:34) William Chen, Fellow and Senior Advisor, ASE
View Webinar “The Future of Microelectronics After the Pandemic”, (36:49) Ajit Manocha, President and CEO, SEMI — industry update, supply chain interdependency, geopolitics, government support, HIR developments …
View Webinar “21st-Century Nano System for Abundant Data Computing”, (57:23) Prof. Subhasish Mitra, ECE Department, Stanford University
View Webinar “Reimagining Co-design of HPC Systems for a Heterogeneous Future”, (45:41) John Shalf, NERSC CTO, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — architectural specialization, software, algorithms, accelerators, disruptive changes …
View Webinar “Accelerating Electronics and Photonics Innovation for Revolutionary Microsystems”, (40:01) Gordon A. Keeler, Program Manager, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) — disruptive advances, next-gen computing, communications, sensing, key programs, investments …
View Webinar “Thermal Sciences for the Heterogeneous Future”, (37:54) Prof. Kenneth Goodson, ME and MatSci Departments, Stanford University
View Webinar HIR Chiplet Workshop: “Architectures for Heterogeneous Integration”, (1:25:20) Raja Swaminathan, Senior Fellow, AMD; “Business Aspects of Heterogeneous Integration”, Bapi Vinnakota, Open Compute Project Foundation
View Webinar “How the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) is Leading Research in Packaging”, (39:24) John Oakley, a Science Director at SRC, focused on leading Hardware Security, Packaging, Automotive Electronics, and Intelligent Cognitive Assistant research.
View Webinar “Wrap-up and Charge to Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Teams”, (26:57) Nicky Lu, CEO and Chairman, Etron Technology
View Webinar Working Group Meeting 1: (1:24:01) High Performance Computing & Data Centers; 2D-3D & Interconnect; Thermal Management; Integrated Photonics; Test Technologies; Cyber Security.
View Webinar Working Group Meeting 2: (1:23:14) Automotive; MEMS & Sensors Integration; SiP & Module Technology; Supply Chain; Integrated Power Packaging.
View Webinar Working Group Meeting 3: (1:20:22) 5G, RF and Analog Mixed Signal; Mobile; Aerospace & Defense; Wafer-Level Packaging; Materials & Emerging Research Materials; Internet of Things (IoT).
View Webinar Working Group Meeting 4: (1:17:16) Medical, Health & Wearables; Emerging Research Devices; Single Chip and Multi Chip Integration; Co-Design; Modeling and Simulation.
View Webinar Working Group Question, Answer and Discussion Session (54:30)

All if the HIR presentations above have been recorded/edited for replay on-demand, available for viewing. Please view those you missed, or which will assist you in your career.

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