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Integrated Photonics for Heterogeneous Integration 🗓

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Speakers: Bill Bottoms, 3MTS, and Amr Helmy, University of Toronto
Webinar Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM (PDT)
Cost: none
Location: On the Internet
Summary: The global network requirements are changing with the rise of the internet of things (IoT) and the migration to the cloud of data, logic and applications. These changing requirements must be accommodated while maintaining the pace of progress in size, cost and power per function that we have enjoyed for more than 50 years. This progress was based primarily on the benefits of Moore’’s Law scaling of CMOS electronics. The introduction of photonics into the transmission, processing and even the generation of data through optical-based sensors is a key enabling factor for continued progress in these areas as we reach the limits of the physics, and the benefits of Moore’s Law scaling slow. Wherever possible industry must adopt and adapt the packaging technologies developed for electronics to decrease cost and time-to-market for packaging of individual photonic ICs and incorporating them
and other photonic components into the complex 3D SiP through heterogeneous integration.
Download Chapter 9, Integrated Photonics Packaging for pre-Webinar study.
Bill Bottoms Bio: Bill Bottoms received his Ph.D. from Tulane University and joined the faculty at Princeton Unviersity after graduation. He has worked in venture capital and was involved in founding several Companies including Tessera and Microwlectronics Packaging. He has served as Chairman and CEO of several companies both public and private. He currently serves as Emeritus member of the Board of Tulane University; Chairman of the SEMI Awards Committee; Chairman of Fluence Analytics; Member of the Board of MIT’s Microelectronics Center; Chairman of 3MTS; and Co-Chair of the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap.
Bio: Amr Helmy is a Professor of Photonics at the University of Toronto, Canada. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow. After, he joined Agilent labs in the UK working for the semiconductor product group. He now leads a group in Photonics at the University of Toronto. He represents the IEEE Photonics Society within the IEEE Quantum Initiative and is Co-Chair of the HIR, also representing the Photonics Society.

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