Create strong professional relationships

Through activities like organizing events such as conferences, identifying speakers, or representing IEEE, you get to know a lot of interesting and influencial people in your profession; often resulting in fun and relevant relationships.

Your career and satisfaction

Broadening your own professional scope, and increasing your own visibility, are excellent ways to improve your own career potential. As IEEE representative, you will meet makers and shakers of Silicon Valley’s research and development companies and academia. You will learn about new areas of technology, find pride and accomplishment in driving new and challenging activities. You will learn soft skills like organizing, finance, commitment, taking ownership, negotiation, speaking, all while having fun!

What the Chapter needs

The Chapter is headed by four elected volunteer officers: chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. Each have specific roles and responsibilities, and often take ownership of additional tasks fitting their interests. Officers are elected annually by the Chapter members, and often rotate through these four positions in 2 year intervals.

The officers are complemented by volunteers that take on ownership of specific tasks, e.g. speaker identification, event organization, social media, third party relations, membership, media/recording. There are things that need to be done, and then there are things we love doing.

Your fellow volunteers want you to have passion for technology, enthusiasm to learn/improve/share, willing to give a reasonable time commitment, and being a team player.

Get going

Contact us at volunteer@ieeesiliconvalley.org and let us know what your interests and questions are.