Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms Applied to Control Systems

Register (free) to attend:  During the design of control systems, the adjustment of the controller parameters plays a fundamental role in the performance of the transient and steady-state regimes.  From this perspective, the tuning of controller parameters has been performed using various methods and tools, but recently, meta-heuristic algorithms have improved tuning procedures to… Read more

Impact of Blockchain Technologies for Digital Transformation

To attend, please register (Free): Blockchain technology is a secure decentralized distributed ledger. Blockchain can create and maintain a continuously growing data transaction blocks of cryptographically secured data records against fraudulence and tamper. Blockchain can also reduce the cost of data and unpredictability of working edge devices or connecting machines. Blockchain technology has potential… Read more

Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Bjoern Schuller

22 March 2022 Check out and send us your questions via Twitter by using the hashtag, #SchullerAMA and tagging @vishnupendyala emailing vspendyala(at) with #SchullerAMA in the subject Select questions will be answered by Prof. Schuller during the session. Audience may be able to ask follow-up questions during the session.