Return to the office after COVID-19? How?


Date: Thursday, October 7, 2021
Time: 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM PDT
Register: Click here, no charge

How to handle the return to working at the office after Covid19?

God willing, the pandemic will wind down in the near future, and many companies will require their workers to return to the office. Or not. This is a dilemma that many companies are facing. At this meeting we will cover several issues faced by managers and employees during this period of transition.

We will watch four short videos, each covering separate topics from different perspectives, then we will discuss them. We will contribute to each other’s knowledge pool for addressing this controversial topic, and share ideas that we can bring back to our organizations.

The videos are entitled:

  • 4 Lessons the Pandemic Taught us about Work and Life Balance
  • Employees want to keep working from home after COVID pandemic
  • Employees Balk at End to Remote Work: “Going Back to the Office Is Stupid”
  • Mental Health Professionals Advise Hybrid Approach When Returning to Work After Pandemic

Come join us in informing each other about these critical upcoming management topics.

Carl Angotti, of Angotti Product Development, is a long time IEEE TEMS SCV Board member and past Chapter Chair. He has led many high-tech projects as well as having an avid interest in the management of technical engineers.