NFIC 2016 — Cognitive Computing: to the Singularity and Beyond

NFIC 2016

May 17th, 2016, 4pm-10pm, Stanford University

What do we need to understand in order to develop the human/machine interface of the future? What’s happening in computing when Artificial Intelligence doesn’t seem artificial anymore? Will the smartphone be smarter than we are?

In order to understand the profound changes taking place in the world of Cognitive Computing, NFIC 2016 will focus two interactive panel sessions led by recognized academic and industry experts, to discuss the key issues facing cognition and computing. The opening panel will cover where we are in processor architecture, language development and visual display. Our next panel will look at where we are going in the exciting world of natural language, human/machine interface and a revolution in the multi-dimensional capabilities of machine and humanity combined.

The near universal use of the cell phone for more than conversation indicates that a powerful new wave combining computing and cognition is moving to touch of our lives in ways never thought possible.

Before and after the sessions, and during the dinner break, there is ample time to connect and talk with like-minded experts in the domain.


  • Dr. Jeffrey J. Welser, Vice President & Lab Director, IBM Research – Almaden
  • Prof. Noah Goodman, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

Tickets, dinner included

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