Impact of Blockchain Technologies for Digital Transformation

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Blockchain technology is a secure decentralized distributed ledger. Blockchain can create and maintain a continuously growing data transaction blocks of cryptographically secured data records against fraudulence and tamper. Blockchain can also reduce the cost of data and unpredictability of working edge devices or connecting machines. Blockchain technology has potential to drive the digital transformation in different fields with securely, availability and distribution of information with the help of peer-to-peer communication. It can disrupt multiple industries by making transactions with the transparency, security, trusted and securely. It simplifies the development of cost-effective data transactions, where anything can be tracked and exchanged, without requiring a central body. This talk will provide an overview of the impact of blockchain technology in digital transformation with essential concepts of blockchain technology, initially exploring the features of blockchain such as consensus algorithm, distributed ledger, smart contract and cryptography in multiple fields. Audience will be equipped with strong foundation knowledge required to understand the how blockchain can make a difference in the digitalization era.

Dr. Madhusudan Singh is the Director of ReBlockchain Group in the department of AI & Big Data, ECIS, at Woosong University, South Korea. He previously worked in the R&D division at Samsung Display, S. Korea, and as a research professor at Seamless Transportation Lab, YICT, Yonsei University, Korea. Dr. Singh serves as a series editor of the Blockchain Technologies in Springer Nature, is a IEEE Computer Society, and ACM Distinguished speaker, a senior member of IEEE and also a Subject Matter Expert for the Automotive Cyber Security Course in IEEE e-learning sponsored by IEEE Computer Society. He is listed in top 2% of scientists published in a study conducted by researchers of ICSR Lab, Elsevier BV & Stanford University, USA. He is actively involved in entrepreneurial endeavors in Blockchain Technologies involving Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, and Autonomous vehicles.

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