NFIC 2017 : FinTech – Hedging the Financial Storm!

On behalf of the organizing committee, it’s our great honor to officially welcome you all to the 19th New Frontiers in Computing Conference on “FinTech: Hedging the Financial Storm!”

As in the past, this conference includes a variety of high-tech and emerging topics. Global trend in social, political and economic turmoil in recent past and push towards paperless digital economy has challenged financial services industry to hedge against the financial disruptions. This exciting event provides a unique opportunity for Technology Business, Startups and Financial Corporate decision makers to network with Global FinTech leaders. Participants will learn the value chain disruptions from financial technology (FinTech) and how it will impact their strategy and investments in financial & technology industry. The social, political and disruptive economic storm starting Brexit, EU breakup, Indian Modinomics, China’s role to US Trumpnomics can be contained if FinTech is used as an hedge through proper understanding and that is what the keynote and panels will address.

FinTech is the use of technology to disrupt, revolutionize, and evolve the financial industry. It runs a very wide range from mobile payment apps to high-frequency trading. It involves risk-management through FinTech apps, big data, bitcoin, banking consolidation, remittances, P2P, insurance, Federal Reserve policies, IMF and other geopolitical partners in driving global commerce. Many of these developments either rely on, align with, or serve the mobile and Financial Technology industry. The National Trade wars and Market Regulations with Controls, Tax rationalization, outsourcing, transfer pricing, border taxes, banking consolidation, and plethora of technologies innovation from Cloud, Mobile Apps. will accelerate the trend fueling waves of storm.