Lean Management, post-COVID


Date: Thursday, December 2, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT
Register: Click here, no charge

Abstract: Lean management is key for a variety of businesses, across many industries, that want to be “effective & efficient”. Lean/Kaizen as a philosophy is applicable to almost any size organization, from mom & pop to large and multicultural corporations. Last year, COVID-19 changed all the rules though. What used to be common sense, no longer is…

In this talk the attendees will learn the basics of Lean management, many examples across a variety of places will be shared and a few exercises will be done. This webinar will help managers and engineers to get a firm grip on their business especially in the post-COVID era.

Speaker: Hormoz Mogarei, President & CEO, Get Kaizened, Inc.
Mr. Mogarei has been in management since 1990, with 20 years of those, directly in “Lean” environment with Toyota and Toyota subsidiaries. In addition to many Lean Manufacturing courses, Hormoz has also authored and presented quite a few Management workshops such as: “Project Management, Effective Communication skills, Time Management, Strategic Planning, (Hoshin Kanri), Quality Improvement initiatives, Scientific Problem-solving, Standardization, Effective Leadership / Followership and Team Building”.

Mr. Mogarei was first trained on Lean Manufacturing Techniques by Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC) in Kentucky as well as in Nagoya & in Toyota-City, in Japan. He was able to initiate, implement and lead various Kaizen projects in the areas of improving Quality, Cost, Lead-time, Team Member Development, Customer-Satisfaction and Space utilization at a Toyota supplier and subsidiary. His claim to fame is to have achieved Zero-defects for 13-consecutive months, while at Toyota, producing a vehicle every 53-seconds with over 250,000 parts per day. Hormoz taught Quality Management courses at Silicon Valley Technical Institute (SVTI), in San Jose, CA, as well.

Many companies and major universities have hosted him as their trusted consultant in Lean Training and Implementation. His clients list includes Boeing in Oregon, Applied Materials in Texas, Union Bank of California, Powis, Manex, Intel, Apple, HM Clause, Vilmorin, Spectrum Lithograph, SiTune, Stanford Hospitals & Clinics, Zazzle, UCSF, PlasmaTreat, Ascenx, Altera and the United Nation. He has lectured at Stanford U. and Cal-Poly university in San Luis Obispo. He is an international lecturer in countries such as Armenia, Brazil, China, Canada, Germany and Japan, to name a few.

Mr. Mogarei is a Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley, DeVry & Keller universities, teaching Lean Management, Leadership & Lean Manufacturing/Production courses. His expertise is in designing, controlling and improving systems in variety of organizations in the areas of: Safety, Quality (TQM, QMS, etc.), Cost, Delivery, Customer-satisfaction, Team Member development and Environment.

He is currently the President & CEO of Get Kaizened, Inc., a Lean Training & Consulting firm in Northern California. Hormoz Mogarei holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a master’s in business administration, (MBA). He is a Ph.D. candidate in Organization Leadership, as well.