Dr. Marcus Lehmann (CalWave): Ocean Energy – Opportunities and Challenges 🗓

Speaker: Marcus Lehmann, Co-Founder and CEO, Calwave Power Technologies
Meeting Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
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Abstract:  80% of our planet’s surface is covered by the ocean. Ocean Energy is the largest unused renewable resource that is currently completely unused. This session will cover the status quo, the opportunity and challenges ahead to make it a mainstream reality. Marcus Lehmann, co-founder of CalWave Power Technologies, will highlight both the challenges of developing new offshore technology and the size of the opportunity — from wave energy generation systems that are closer to shore to the potential for integrated offshore wind-wave farms. He will also discuss his experience in the Ocean Solutions Accelerator and similar start-up incubators, highlighting how marine industries can collaborate (and co-locate) to use ocean resources more sustainably.


Bio: Marcus Lehmann serves as the CEO of CalWave Power Technologies Inc. Marcus founded CalWave in 2014 and uses his experience in systems engineering, energy systems and entrepreneurship, to lead a diverse team of engineers, business development specialists, advisers, and industry partners to unlock the vast and steady carbon-free power from ocean waves. Prior to CalWave, Marcus held research positions at UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and was a project lead at the Cyclotron Road program. Marcus holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Technical University Hamburg, graduated from Technical University Munich with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, and received an honors degree in technology management from the Center for Digital Technology and Management.

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