The SCV Life Members Affinity Group is bringing about events that cater to IEEE Life Members. We are hosting talks on a range of topics that include technologies to assist our aging population, to address California’s electricity production shortages, and to address our water shortages.

We are also reaching out to Life members who find satisfaction in serving our community as volunteers. With many years of experience, you can be a valuable mentor to younger engineers, especially to the Student Members and the Young Professionals.

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Upcoming Events

LMAG SCV hosted program: Rapid Iterations in Nuclear Innovation: A Key to Fighting Climate Change ... advanced reactor technology deployment, at a cost competitive with natural gas

About Us

IEEE “Life” status is automatically bestowed based on age and years of membership. The IEEE Santa Clara Valley Life Members Affinity Group is established to represent and fulfill the needs of the local IEEE Life members. The SCV LMAG encourages Life members at all levels of IEEE who are at a similar stage in their careers to share experiences and find ways to continue their IEEE activities and involvements.