Our IEEE Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Computational Intelligence Society Chapter is established with motto to spread knowledge and learn together in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Statistical Learning, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition.  I We have currently around 160 IEEE members in our chapter.

Upcoming Event:

AI speech talk: Speech Synthesis

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM


Online Event


IEEE SCV Young Professionals, Computer Society and Computational Intelligence Society invite you to a seminar on the latest research and implementation on AI Speech Architectures including WaveNet and its successors.

Abstract: In 2016, Deepmind proposed WaveNet which became the state of the art for realistic speech synthesis using an autoregressive deep neural network. After that, many new ideas based on autoregressive modeling are proposed, such as Parallel WaveNet, WaveRNN, etc.

In recent years, there is another research direction that begins to draw more and more attention. That is using Generative Adversarial Network(GAN) for audio generation. In today’s talk, I will give an overview of some noteworthy architectures since WaveNet and some promising GAN-based models from recent years.

Bio: Jason (Jilong) Wu is currently ML Engineer@Facebook AI Applied Research(FAIRAR). Focused on AI-driven speech synthesis, self-supervised learning and edge device model optimization. Previously keyword spotting team@Google Speech.

Cornell B.S. and Meng, Electrical and Computer Engineering, specialized in ML and embedded systems.


CIS 2021 Committee:

Marcelo Seiro, Chair, EEE Computational Intelligence Society SCV Chapter

Raman Narayan, Vice-chair, IEEE Computer Society / CIS SCV Chapter

Priscilla Chen, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society SCV Chapter

Rohit Taneja, Secretary, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society SCV Chapter