Sponsor: IEEE Southern California Council
Speaker: David González of US Navy, NSWC Corona
Meeting Date: February 23, 2021
Time: 6 PM

Reservations: IEEE

The future of the US and the world is with the Green Economy. Businesses are learning to be more profitable and help the environment by “Going Green.” The advances in technology has been huge in the last 10 years. Catch words like “IoT”, “Big Data”, “AI”, etc are all based on recent advances in computer technology and power.

More and more our society is relying on hi-tech to simplify our lives, businesses, manufacturing, heck even how to order and get a pizza delivered. Unfortunately, most of the innovations and high-tech gadgets don’t properly address how we can be protected from being hacked and our information stolen. As the Green Economy continues to grow, it too is getting ahead of risk management and mitigation of their products and services.

This presentation will focus on the guideline and self-audit that Green Companies can follow and perform to decrease the risk to their business. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a framework and guides to help address these deficiencies in normal and “Green” Companies.

Bio: David González is an Electrical & Computer Engineer with business and program management degrees. He has 5 years of aerospace industry experience and over 20 years working as a system engineer and project manager for the US Navy. Among the many experiences Mr. González possesses he has been involved in managing US Government Computer Systems and is a Member of the DoD Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF), IAT-2. As a member of IEEE Computer Society and involvement with IEEE SusTech Conference organizing committee Mr. González has a passion for Green Energy and how Cybersecurity play a vital role in securing our country’s infrastructure.

He is also the past Section Chair and Past Computer Society Vice Chair of the IEEE Inland Empire/Foothill Section; Adjunct professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at California State University, San Bernardino; Technical Project Manager and Calibration Logistics Element Manager (CLEM) for US Naval Air Command – PMA-260 and XML Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP).

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