Sponsor: Western USA – Region 6

Meeting Date: Jan 2 – 4, 2021

Location: on line
Reservations: IEEE

The IEEE Rising Stars Conference is the event where students and young professionals from all over the world gather to get inspired, network and advance their careers. The 2021 conference will move into the cloud and become global. Rising Stars started at the Riviera Hotel, moved to the Excalibur, and then to the Tropicana Hotel. Each move enabled the conference to grow and increase the impact on the young professionals and university students we serve. Transforming Rising Stars to a virtual conference enables the conference, the speakers, the sponsors, and IEEE to expand the reach of the conference and provide the quality program that our conference participants expect.

As a premier event, IEEE Rising Stars Global is designed to inform, excite, enthuse, and enlighten the top engineering young professionals and students. The conference brings together the most promising students and young professionals around the world to network and is inspired by each other. The program includes interactive events, competitions, technical innovation talks from industry experts, networking opportunities and professional development.

The Rising Stars event consists of two tracks. One focuses on bringing together technical professionals who are experts in emerging technologies including autonomous vehicles, space, and manufacturing, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, security, and IoT. The Professional track consists of technical professionals who come to enlighten and inspire attendees to succeed in an ever-changing job environment and on how to develop as leaders in their respective fields.

The IEEE Rising Stars Global provides direction and perspective to performing young professionals and students. Attendees at the event will gain insight on how best to further their careers by networking and learning from industry professionals and executives from leading international companies. Rising Stars Global attendees will leave the event with better preparation to face the challenges presented to them and armed with the appropriate contacts needed to gain the insight to be successful.

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