The new IEEE Silicon Valley History Committee’s Winter 2014 technical meeting will be on the History of Wired LANs. It’s in the planning stage now with a March 31 panel session to be held at Keypoint Credit Union in Santa Clara, CA.  Former IEEE 802.3 Ethernet WG committee chair- Geoff Thompson is organizing and chairing this meeting.  Geoff is recruiting speakers to talk about Ethernet, Token Ring, and Arcnet/Wangnet.  The time frame will be 1980-1990- when the LAN wars/fights were flourishing.

Our Spring 2014 meeting will be on History of Electronics (exact subject matter TBD) in late May or early June.  The panel will be be organized and chaired by IEEE  Life Fellow Ted Hoff, PhD and employee #12 at Intel.

Summer and Fall meetings are open.  Volunteers who are subject matter experts in any technology developed, aided or abetted in greater “Silicon Valley” are invited to contact if interested in volunteering or becoming an officer of the committee.

Wishing everyone the best for 2014!