IEEE Milestones

Mar 10 – High-Power Microwave Tube Development at Stanford and SLAC

Thursday, March 10, 2016
6:00 PM: Doors open for refreshments and networking
6:30 PM: Panel presentation
Registration Required, donation suggested
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Bring ticket to meeting
Venue: KeyPoint Credit Union
2805 Bowers Ave (just off Central Expressway)
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Park in lot adjacent to building on Bowers Ave.
Our …

UC-Berkeley to receive IEEE Milestone for RISC Project on Feb 12, 2015

The UC-Berkeley RISC milestone plaque will be unveiled at 3:30 PM Feb. 12, 2015 in the lobby on the 3rd floor of Soda Hall, Berkeley’s Computer Science building. Speakers will include IEEE 2015 President Howard Michel, Professor David Patterson, and several others.
The unveiling will be part …

New IEEE Milestones Approved; Others in Progress

IEEE SV History co-Vice Chair-Brian Berg reports that several historical Electrical Engineering  & Computing milestones were approved by the IEEE Board of Directors this week:

2013-03 First Breaking of Enigma Code by the Team of Polish Cipher Bureau, 1932-1939
2013-16 First RISC Microprocessor, 1980-1982
2013-06 SPARC RISC Architecture, 1987
2013-28 …

Coverage of Apr 25, 2014 IEEE Milestone: Birth of the 1st PC OS=CP/M

Many of these article links are courtesy of April 25th IEEE Milestone Event Master of Ceremonies Brian Berg:
1.  Article from Univ. of WA Computer Science and Engineering (The alma mater of Gary Kildall and Tom Rolander.  That’s where they met)
2. The Monterey NPR station played this interview …

Approved IEEE Milestone: Birth of the 1st PC Operating System (CP/M)

Dedication of IEEE Milestone for Gary Kildall’s CP/M Microcomputer Operating System
The events on the afternoon of Friday, April 25, 2014, are open to the public. Plans for the IEEE Milestone dedication and unveiling are as follows:
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Pacific Grove City Chambers, 300 …

IEEE SCV Milestones 2013 Progress Report

IEEE SCV Milestones Chair Dick Ahrons reported that three of nine proposed milestones have been approved by the IEEE History Committee.  They are: Ampex (Magnetic Storage pioneer in Redwood City, CA), CP/M (one of the first operating systems used by microprocessors and PCs; Gary Kildall of …