Phoenix Section Volunteers & Responsibilities

October 2, 2018

Executive Committee:

Section Chair:

Leads the section. It is a 2 year term.

Past Chair:

Outgoing Section chair. Supports current Section Chair in advisory role. It is a 2 year term.

Vice Chair:

Supports Section Chair in key activities. Maintains calendar of events. Another main role is to get trained in Section Chair role. It is a 2 year term.

Treasurer: (See additional information below)

Responsible for conduction financial transactions for the Section. Responsible for Audits, Annual Reporting, contracts, accounts and budgets and other financial matters.
Another main role is to get trained in Section Vice Chair role. It is a 2 year term.

Secretary: (See additional information below)

Entry level position for Section’s Executive Committee. Maintains historical records and writes/ keeps meeting minutes. Responsibility of regulatory and IEEE bylaws compliance. Another main role is to get trained for Treasurer’s role.

Standing Committees:

  1. Awards – Managing annual awards banquet. Identifying and nominating Sectionmembers for various IEEE and other awards
  2. Communications aka Publicity – Responsible for publicizing the activities of the Section that enhances the image of Section. Is the public face of the Section (along with the Executive Committee). Develops communication and publicity strategies. Publishes the monthly newsletter and maintains the contents of the Web and other social media platforms of the Section.
  3. Conferences – (See additional information below) Represents the Section to other IEEE entities as an excellent host location for conferences.
  4. Intersociety – Coordination among various societies
  5. Membership Development – Coordinates recruiting and maintaining of members and elevation to Senior positions in IEEE.
  6. PACE – (See additional information below) The Professional Activities Chair, (PACE Chair) promotes, organizes and conducts professional activities that enhance the status of technical professionals and their success.
  7. Student Activities Coordinator – is the liaison to all Phoenix Section student branches. Insures the vitality of these branches and represents their needs in Phoenix Section.
  8. Web Master – Responsible for maintaining/ designing / upgrading the contents of the website and social media platforms.