The Awards Categories:

The Phoenix Section has established the following five award categories in alignment with IEEE Region 6 award categories:

  1. Companies and Corporations:
    1. Startup Company of the Year
    2. Small Company of the Year (<500 employees world-wide)
    3. Large Company of the Year (>500 employees world-wide)
  2. IEEE Organizational Units:
    1. Outstanding Small Student Branch of the Year (up to 25 active members)
    2. Outstanding Large Student Branch of the year (more than 25 active members)
    3. Outstanding Chapter of the Year (includes Technical Councils and Affinity Groups)
  3. Mixed IEEE OUs and Individuals:
    1. Outstanding Contribution to Promoting Women in Engineering – this may be to an individual (up to 3 people), or to a WIE Chapter
    2. Outstanding Contribution to Promoting Life Member Activities – this may be to an individual, or to a LMAG Chapter
  4. Individuals:
    1. Outstanding Engineer – must be an IEEE member
    2. Outstanding Service and Leadership to the IEEE
    3. Outstanding Educator – must be an IEEE member
    4. Outstanding Educator of K through 12
    5. Outstanding IEEE member who made contributions to STEM and Education as a Mentor, Assistant, or Facilitator
    6. Outstanding IEEE member Contributing to Global Humanitarian Projects or Activities
    7. Outstanding IEEE member promoting Membership Development or Senior Elevation
    8. Outstanding IEEE Young Professional
  5. Section Chair